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Employment opportunities at SSEND

About working at SSEND

Are you looking for professional growth opportunities that make a positive difference to students with disability? Becoming a SSEND Consulting Teacher (CT) will give you a chance to work alongside other educators in WA Department of Education schools, and build their capacity to support students with disability. This will contribute to creating welcoming school communities for all students.

ConsultingTeachers provide a range of support to schools including, but not limited to, direct work with students, provision of resources, consultation for planning and educational adjustments, and professional learning.

SSEND is hosting an information session for teachers who are interested in employment opportunities at SSEND.

Video: About working at SSEND

Upcoming information sessions and links to PLIS registration

Steps to registering for and attending SSEND employment opportunity informations sessions:

1. Click on the link/s below to go to the PLIS registration for the relevant in.
2. Wait for further contact and links to the information session web conference.