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About this website

What is One Classroom, and who is it for?

One Classroom ( is the website of the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEND). It is for staff and schools that are part of the Department of Education Western Australia seeking support to create welcoming school communities for all students. It is also for members of the community seeking information about the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEND) and the services the school provides.

The SSEND Intranet area of the site contains information intended only for the staff of SSEND.

Providing access to everyone is important to us. This includes people with disabilities, older people, people who can’t use or struggle with digital services, people living in remote locations and people using alternative online technologies such as mobile devices.

See our accessibility statement.

Other sources of information

Members of the public of Western Australia can access information through the Department of Education's public site.

Staff of the Department of Education can access information through Ikon.