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SSEND professional learning dashboard

The School of Special Educational Needs Disability (SSEND) offers their professional learning opportunities* in a range of formats. These include scheduled live professional learning events, self-paced online modules, PL packages to be facilitated by school leaders and online PL resources, such as digital print documents.
*Please note: SSEND professional learning is available to schools that are part of the Department of Education, Western Australia. Registering for PL opportunities will require a Department of Education sign-on for access.

Video: About SSEND professional learning

Scheduled live professional learning events

Disability related professional learning events are scheduled throughout the year. These events are delivered live through the Blended Model, in which online and in-person participants learn together.

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Self paced online modules

Disability related online modules are available on demand for schools and educators to undertake at a time convenient to them. Participants can register through PLIS and complete the modules, ensuring professional learning hours are automatically added to their professional learning transcript.

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Online resources

Disability related resources such as digital-print documents, guides and fact sheets that are endorsed by SSEND are available to build knowledge and support students.

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Facilitated packages for delivery in schools

Disability related professional learning packages are available for schools to deliver through a local school facilitator. Each package is supported by extensive documentation. Use this form to request a digital download of the available packages.

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More information about SSEND's professional learning suite

Find details about the presentations that make up the SSEND professional learning suite below.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Video: About the ASD module

Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs)

Video: About the SLD module

Effective Utilisation of EAs (EUEA)

Video: About the EUEA module

Reporting to Parents SEN Foundations

Video: About RTP-SEN Foundations

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked in relation to SSEND PL events.

Can I request SSEND to come and deliver professional learning in my school?

Yes. You can follow the request for assistance pathway to request SSEND to deliver PL in your school.

However, you can also take advantage of the scheduled PL events offered by SSEND in a variety of formats throughout the school year.

How do the delivery modes of SSEND PL work?

SSEND delivery modes include:

What is an 'event information hub'?

An event information hub is an online collection of content that supports a a PL event. This content includes, documents, videos, links and other items that will assist in the smooth running of the event. You will be sent a link to the hub close to the time of the event you have registered for.

How does live streaming differ from web conferencing?

During a web-conference there is a dedicated producer to facilitate interaction with the live presenter and audience.  

During a live stream there is only an audio-visual feed of the in-person presentation, without the opportunity for high-level interaction for remote participants with live presenters.