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Targeted initiatives in Western Australian public schools for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

The School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEND) oversees* programs for students with autism spectrum disorder in number of Western Australian primary and secondary public schools.

*Parents should direct their enquiries to the individual schools linked on this page

Specialised Learning Programs (SLPs)

Specialised learning programs are located in mainstream primary and secondary schools and cater for the specific needs of students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Specialised Learning Programs (SLP) for students with autism spectrum disorder support the individual needs of students with ASD from Kindergarten to Year 12 who are at risk of disengagement, underachievement and/or significant difficulties with adaptive behaviour.

SLP locations: Primary

Find more information about the specific Specialised Learning Programs, follow the links below:

SLP locations: Secondary

Early Intensive Intervention Programs (EIIP)

Early Intensive Intervention Programs are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis for small groups of kindergarten and pre-primary aged children who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. The program aims to equip these students with the skills necessary for entry into a mainstream Year 1 class. The transition to Year 1 is supported by a shared placement in the Pre-Primary year.

EIIP locations