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The School of Special Educational Needs: Disability

Welcome to One Classroom, the website of The School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEND). SSEND builds the capacity of Western Australian public schools to ensure students with disability (diagnosed or imputed) are able to access the curriculum on the same basis as their peers. SSEND promotes inclusive learning environments through research and evidence based practice.

School principals or their delegates can request assistance from SSEND for students with eligible diagnosed or imputed disabilities.

SSEND provides access to online learning resources that promote inclusive learning environments.

SSEND's main site is located at Statewide Services Centre, 33 Giles Avenue, Padbury. For general enquiries telephone
(08) 9402 6185 or email

Request assistance from SSENDAccess online learning resources

Connected Learning hub

The Connected Learning hub includes curriculum materials and teaching resources that are relevant to students with disabilities. These resources are designed to support teachers to differentiate learning and/or develop individualised learning approaches.

Access the Connected Learning hub

Statewide Services Resource and Information Centre (SSRIC)

The Statewide Services Resource and Information Centre (SSRIC) is a collection of resources and information located at Statewide Services, 33 Giles Avenue, Padbury.

The role of the SSRIC is to support the teaching and learning needs of Western Australian schools, specifically students with disabilities, teachers of students with disabilities and Consulting Teachers of SSEND.

Find out more about the SSRIC

How the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability supports schools

SSEND provides assistance that is intended to build the capacity of schools to promote inclusive learning environments in Western Australian schools.

After receiving a request for assistance, SSEND contacts the requesting school to conduct a needs analysis. SSEND then conducts an internal process to determine the best support.

In addition to the assistance above, SSEND also promotes inclusion through online learning resources.

Video: About the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEND)