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SSEND parent and carer information

The School of Special Educational Needs: Disability (SSEND) does not work directly with parents or carers of students with disability or learning difficulties.

However, SSEND supports Western Australian Department of Education schools to work collaboratively with parents, carers, families and external agencies to provide the best support for students.   

SSEND does not have enrolled students. Rather, SSEND closely works with Department schools to build the skills of educators to effectively support students with disability. 

If you are a parent who is seeking to maximise your child’s learning outcomes, your starting point is making contact with your child's enrolled school.

If the school requires assistance to provide the most supportive learning environment for your child, the school can contact SSEND directly through their Request for Assistance process.

As a parent or carer, your local school is your first point of contact in relation to students with disability or learning difficulties.