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The Statewide Services Resource and Information Centre (SSRIC)

The Statewide Services Resource and Information Centre (SSRIC) is a collection of resources and information located at Statewide Services, 33 Giles Avenue, Padbury.

The resources of the SSRIC are available through loan to Department schools and partners throughout Western Australia.

About the SSRIC

The SSRIC resource collection is aimed at assisting educators to create welcoming school communities for all students.

Specialist resources and information services are available to all teachers in public schools to support the teaching and learning needs of   K-12 students.

The role of the library is to support the teaching and learning needs of Western Australian schools, specifically students with disabilities, teachers of students with disabilities and Consulting Teachers of SSEND.

The library collection contains print and non-print resources, including a range of special-format resources for students with a range of specific learning disorders and disabilities.

The library’s collection supports the professional development of Consulting Teachers by providing access to recent and relevant information and resources to support their research and evidence-based recommendations to schools.

Borrowing and opening hours

The SSRIC is located at 33 Giles Avenue, Padbury. Visitor parking is in Car Park 4, off Macgregor Drive.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, including school holidays, for face-to-face loans.

Loans can also be arranged by phone on (08) 9402 6156 or (08) 9402 6153 or email

The SSRIC online catalogue

Browse the SSRIC resources through the online catalogue.

The SSRIC on Ikon