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Supporting Successful Transition

Transition is the process of supporting a student with a disability or additional needs to successfully move from one school context to another.

The content below will support schools in facilitating successful transitions for students with disability.

SSEND transition professional learning

SSEND delivers professional learning designed to equip Department schools with robust transition processes, and assist them with transition planning for identified students.

The Supporting Successful Transition module is available live (online and in person) through SSEND's Blended Model of PL.

Access scheduled live PL events

SSEND transition documents

These documents can be used to support successful transition.

Guide to Transition - Full collection of tools and templates

The Guide to Transition is a comprehensive collection of tools and templates to support successful transition.

Individual transition tools and templates

The tools and templates, including those found in the Guide to Transition, can be downloaded individually below.

Disability Standards for Education (DSE)

SSEND's approach to supporting successful transition is informed by the Disability Standards for Education (DSE) and the 2020 Review of the DSE.